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The Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition is on its way! Pre-order one now. 374 pages, nearly 900 illustrations, shipping May 2016:

Slate Roof Bible1) The Slate Roof Bible

Award-winning, non-fiction - the most comprehensive, informative and readable book about slate roofs available anywhere in the world. Awards

Download the Slate Roof Bible as an E-book for half price.

Lancaster Farming: "If you could earn a doctorate in slate roof, this is probably the only book you'd need."

Boston Sunday Globe: “Jenkins tells his tale with pizazz and rollicking humor, offering anecdote after anecdote about what people do, and do not do, to their slate roofs.”

Fine Homebuilding, July 1998: “The Slate Roof Bible is a fine book, filled with fascinating information about slate: its history, the industry, and the way to work with it properly....I’ve been working with slate for a long time; still, I learned from this book some valuable hints and techniques that I’ve been able to put into practice."

Doylestown Intelligencer Record (Philadelphia): “Five years of meticulous research, thousands of miles traveled to slate quarries all over the world, particularly Wales, has produced The Slate Roof Bible - and a surprise. This book, potentially tedious reading, is instead a delight. Full of history, lore, and useful advice, Jenkins has written a fascinating book, spiced it with humor and warmed it with his own passion for the subject.”

The Permaculture Magazine Information Service (England): "The Slate Roof Bible gives a concise history of the slate industry on both sides of the Atlantic, and the types and colours of slates to be found. Although the author is American, he is descended from Welsh émigérs who left with the collapse of the Welsh slate industry around the turn of the century, and this is reflected in the early chapters. The later chapters cover in some depth the design, installation, and maintenance of slate roofs. Also covered are tools, safe working practices, and important details on chimneys, flashings and gutters. This is well done, with clear illustrations and photos - an excellent example of how to produce a practical guide."

RCI (Roof Consultants Institute) Interface, September, 2001: “With over 30 years experience working with slate roofs, Joseph Jenkins has written a book so comprehensive in both historical and technical information that it is a definite must-have for any roof consultant’s library. Rarely does one read a book expressing such personal enthusiasm and technical knowledge as that written by Mr. Jenkins. He masterfully blends technical and historical information with personal anecdotes in a style of writing that presents a book that is simply enjoyable reading. For those with no experience in slate roofing (or even for those with experience), this book will develop in the reader an appreciation and understanding of roofing slate and slate roofs. Jenkins has provided the roofing community with a definitive, single-source manual for slate roofing. Should a question arise concerning a slate roofing project, this book will undoubtedly provide the answer.”


Humanure Handbook2) The Humanure Handbook - A Guide to Composting Human Manure

Award-winning, non-fiction, internationally acclaimed book about composting human manure. BUY IT ON AMAZON.COM

Read the current (3rd) edition online for free.

The entire 2nd edition is free on the web.

The 1st edition is also still available here.

The Humanure Handbook is now available in Korean from Greenreview Publishing Co., 202-13 Bomodong, Daegu, South Korea. (053)742-0663, 0666  fax (053)741-6168,

Read an article on Humanure

Go to the Humanure Headquarters

Look at all the foreign versions.

Humanure Handbook Awards



Balance Point Book3) Balance Point - Searching for a Spiritual Missing Link

Fictionalized environmental/spiritual adventure that weaves disturbing facts about the planet and the human species into a compelling page-turner.

Our Bookstores on the Web: Slate Roofing or Humanure Composting/Greywater.

The Book Reader: "Jenkins tackles the vital subject of our looming ecological disaster, and takes us on an entertaining trek throughout the world. A delightful new slant on our environmental mess in a wonderful tale told with passion, wit and insight."

Today's Librarian; August 2000: "An engaging and enlightening book - as well as a disturbing warning to us all."

Arkansas Environmental Education Association Newsletter: "AN INCREDIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY - Every now and then a book comes along that really speaks to your heart. 'Balance Point: Searching for a Spiritual Missing Link' by Joseph Jenkins was such a book for me. It is perhaps the best environmental book I have ever read and I would like to encourage everyone to experience this book."

"I have finished reading Balance Point. I enjoyed and appreciated the contents. I must admit I first scoffed at Balance Point because it more or less felt like one more "self-help"-spiritual book on the Barnes and Noble shelf, but I was wrong, and I appreciate being wrong in this case. I believe that there are events, objects, and people that will pen information into our life story and provide us subtle awakenings/alterations in our life.Your work has provided that to me."


Traditional Roofing Magazine

Traditional Roofing Magazine

Traditional Roofing Magazine - Slate, tile and copper roofing topics have been covered so far. We will include other traditional roofing topics in the future, but our focus will remain on slate roofs. This periodical is not published on a schedule. When we have enough material for another issue, we publish it. All of the issues that have been published so far are posted on the web. You can view all of the articles on the article index.

We Also Have Numerous Free Online Publications - related to slate roofs, tile roofs, asbestos roofs, compost toilets, or humanure.

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Future Works:

We publish informative, instructional slate roofing videos and humanure videos. Other new published works may reveal themselves with no prior warning. Keep checking back!

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Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition, May 2016, 374 pages, nearly 900 illustrations:


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