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Standard Size Copper Slate Hooks 1 Pound Lots
Standard size copper slate hooks at the Slate Roof Warehouse

Standard Size Copper Slate Hooks 1 Pound Lots

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Standard Size Copper Slate Hooks 1 Pound Lots
COPPER SLATE HOOKS - 0.1250 gauge, by the pound (about 44 hooks/pound). For up to 3 inch headlap. Blunt points for safety.

Slate hooks are used to install replacement slates during repairs, and for replacing slates left out during the installation of a new slate roof where the scaffolding (roof jacks) are temporarily nailed onto the roof. Some slaters use nothing but slate hooks for repair work. They may be easier to use than the nail and bib technique for the inexperienced person, and are certainly easier than the nail and bib when working with new or especially hard slates. It's always a good idea to have some of these hooks on hand. Can be used on most asbestos roofs too. For repair instructions, watch the video below.

Copper slate hooks are less visible on a roof than mill finish stainless steel hooks. Stainless hooks are stronger and will nail into harder roof decking without bending. We sell black anodized stainless steel slate hooks to eliminate the shiny condition of the mill finish hooks.

Asbestos tile roof repair using slate hooks.

How to adapt a slate hook for use on thicker slates or tiles.
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