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Slate Roofing Video Clips

Slate Roofing Video Clips
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We have video clips of various aspects of slate roofing, including installation, repair, mistakes, quarries, and use of tools.


Ceramic Hip and Ridge Tiles on a Slate Roof Using Flexim

Chimney Flashing: Folding the Corners

Copper Lightning Rod Installation

Copper Ridge on a Slate Roof

Copper Ridge Using 40 Ounce Cleats

Curved Double-Lock Copper Chimney Apron

Curved Double-Lock Copper Standing Seam Roof

Defective Roofing Slates - Know What to Look For!

Flat-Lock Soldered Copper Roof Installation

How We Make Our Copper Ridge

Ice Dam Resistant Eaves on a Slate Roof

Mullane 200 Snow Guards

New Slate Roof at the Natural Building Colloquium, 2008, in Bath, NY

Pipe Flashing Installation

Shedding Slates - What are Acceptable Levels?

Slating Tips for Asphalt Shingle Roofers

Soldered Chimney Apron Flashing

Soldered Copper Snow Apron (For the full 25 minute video click here.)

Soldering Flat Lock and Vertical Joints

Underlayment on Slate Roofs

Using Roof Brackets When Installing a Slate Roof

Using Jenkins Copper Drip Edge with Cant on a Slate Roof

Valley Top Juncture Using Double Lock Standing Seam


Basic Slate Roof Repair

Bad Strap Repairs (1 min. 37 sec. video)

Using Roof Brackets to Access an Existing Slate Roof

How to Identify Buckingham Slates on an Older Roof


Avoid These 21 Contractor Errors (Traditional Roofing Magazine Article)

Bad Headlap (1 minute video)

Bad Saddle Ridge Installation (1 min. 23 sec. video)

Copper Rivets with Steel Mandrels Should Not Be Used (2 minute video)

Cutting on Wrong Side of Slate (1 minute video)

Electrogalvanized Nails (29 second video)

Inadequate Plywood Roof Deck (46 second video)

Nails Too Long (1 minute video)

No Cant Strip on Starter Course

Slate Starter Course Insufficient Headlap (1 min. 17 sec. video)

Top 10 Mistakes Made When Installing Slate Roofs (Traditional Roofing Magazine Article)

Wrong Nailing Technique (1 min. 30 sec. video)


Camara Slate Quarry Tour - Slate Roofing Contractors Association 2010 Conference

Greenstone Slate Quarry Tour - Slate Roofing Contractors Association 2010 Conference


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