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Ridge Installation

Installing Copper Ridge Without Exposed Fasteners
COPPER RIDGE can be installed with nails or cleats.

The nails would typically be 2.5" ring-shank stainless steel gasketed roofing nails, spaced between each pair of underlying slates (approximately 12" apart, but nailed *between* the underlying slates, which will determine spacing).

Alternatively, the ridge can be installed with cleats or straps, which will allow an installation with no exposed fasteners. Use longer-grip copper/brass pop rivets to attach the straps to the ridge.
Although the videos below may show the copper ridge being installed with copper straps extended over top of the ridge, we are now only selling copper cleats that install on one side of the ridge only. This is because slates usually don't align horizontally from one side of the roof to the other and separate cleats on either side of the ridge are easier to install. Our cleats are 40 ounce solid copper and will last forever.


Here are some photos of cleats on ridges showing other ways to use them:

installing copper ridges using cleats

installing copper ridges using cleats