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Mullane 100S Standard Snowguard
Mullane 100S bronze snow guard

Mullane 100S Standard Snowguard

SNOW GUARD - Mullane Model 100S-AS for Asphalt Shingles or 100S-NA for Slate
NOTE: Returned Mullane or Berger snowguards require a 25% restocking fee, so make sure you're getting the right ones!
Select below: Slate application or Asphalt application
A traditional spike style snow guard, from a design first patented in 1899. The Model #100 is historically accurate for period restorations, but is just as appropriate for new construction or retrofit application on existing slate roofs. Because of its low profile, this model is more appropriate for residential usage. The Model #100 is for applications on slate, shake, and shingle roofs, and is designed to fit between adjacent pieces of roof material, so that only the casting is visible above the roof surface.
Designed to be installed on slate (#100S-NA) or asphalt shingle roofs (#100S-AS) during the installation of the roofing. All BRONZE GUARD® products are cast in pure tin bronze, using only virgin metals to assure the highest quality alloy. This snow guard is also available in a retrohook style for installing on existing slate roofs.

[The #100 snowguard has a smaller face than the #200, and is less expensive.
View the 200 standard.

Snow guards should be installed where the potential for the sudden sliding of ice and snow can be hazardous to people or property below. Falling snow is a life safety issue, and careful consideration of liability issues should be part of a carefully designed roof system in all areas prone to winter snow and ice.

All BRONZE GUARD® products are cast in pure tin bronze, using only virgin metals to assure the highest quality alloy. The castings are produced locally by old-world craftsmen using state of the art equipment to assure that each casting is of consistent quality. The final assembly is done by hand, using only solid copper rivets, so that each finished product is of uniform quality.




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