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Premium Express Propane Soldering Kit 66440001
Premium Express Soldering Kit from the Solder Warehouse

Premium Express Propane Soldering Kit 66440001

6644001 Premium Express
Propane Soldering Kit
Ultra-light and ultra-strong, this is our most popular Express soldering kit. The innovative ergonomic handle offers a convenient thumb controlled on and off switch, plus a push button igniter with up to 50,000 quick starts. We import these from Germany.
Includes express soldering iron for zinc, copper and stainless with swivel hose attachment, 70 seconds start up time, iron length 11 5/8 inches, iron weight 34.8 ounces Also included in the premium soldering kit:
  - Medium Tip (9 ounces, 3 3/4 inch length)
  - Regulator (30 - 60 PSI, UL listed, compact design)
  - LP Gas Quick Connects (for fast connection and disconnecton of soldering iron and hose,
no further tools needed, made of brass, LH 9/16)
  - Hose (12 foot hose, UL listed)
  - Soldering Block Holder (ammonia stone for soldering, brush holder, flux canister)
  - Soldering Flux - Express Flux for new metals (zinc and copper).
  - Soldering Fluid Bottle (for soldering fluid, acids, etc., with screw cap)
  - Soldering Fluid Brushes (25 pieces in a bag, for soldering fluid, acids, oil, etc.)
  - STACK - ON Pro-Tough Tool Box (16 inch, galvanized steel hinge pins, large riveted nickel plated, steel draw bolts secure the lid, includes a deluxe, removable tray, fully lockable with padlock eye)


These French-made professional propane soldering outfits are ideal for soldering flashings on slate and tile roofs. You can use standard propane tanks such as used on barbecues. You will need a soldering outfit when doing flat-lock copper roofing or any application where soldered flashing is required.
These soldering outfits are heated by a flame that is directed continuously into the copper tip, ensuring constant heat without the need to change irons and without dangerous open flames. Open flame soldering is notorious for catching buildings on fire. These closed flame soldering outfits allow you to safely solder on roofs without the danger of open flames.

The Premium Express Soldering Kit is equipped with a piezo thumb control push button ignitor for easy lighting (up to 50,000 lights).
Outfit includes a 12 foot hose with a 360 degree swivel connection, regulator, and medium 9 ounce copper tip (all Express solder tips will fit this iron - extra tips available).
Can be used with 5 pound, 10 pound, or 20 pound L/P tank. Copper tip is continuously heated by propane flame directed into tip. No need to change tips during use or to use two irons. Great for soldering copper or other sheet metals.

This solder kit uses standard propane tanks that can be bought at any department store, such as the ones used for barbecues.
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