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We have 100 pound rolls of soft flashing copper in various widths ranging from 8 inches to 24 inches.

8 inches X 150 feet; 10 inches X 120 feet; 12 inches X 100 feet; 14 inches X 85.7 feet; 16 inches X 75 feet; 18 inches X 66.67 feet; 20 inches X 60 feet; 24 inches X 50 feet

Free shipping when three or more rolls are ordered (shipping will be roughly $125.00 when ordering one or two rolls).

These deliver by tractor trailer, so customers must be able to receive a tractor trailer delivery at a commercial location. We cannot deliver copper flashing rolls to residential locations!

Want 16 ounce cold-rolled copper flat sheets in skid lots? We have 3 feet X 8 feet flat sheets in skids of 80 sheets (1,920 pounds), or 3 feet X10 feet sheets in skids of 65 sheets (2,000 pounds). Call us at 814-786-9085 for current prices.

16 Ounce Copper Rolls

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16 Ounce Copper Flashing Rolls (100 pounds)
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