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Joseph Jenkins, Inc., 143 Forest Lane, Grove City, PA 16127 USA; Phone: 814-786-9085; Fax: 814-786-8209; Email

We are a family business that includes publishing, an online book store offering slate roof books and humanure compost books, retail sales in slate roofing tools and supplies, retail sales in compost related products, and national and international consulting, both with slate roofing and with humanure compost toilet alternatives.

Our websites include our publishing web site, our corporate web site, our Traditional Roofing Magazine web site, Slate Roof Central, The Slate Roof Experts, the Slate Roof Warehouse, the Humanure Store, and

We publish the Slate Roof Bible, the Humanure Handbook, Balance Point, and the Traditional Roofing Magazine.

Slate Roof WarehouseSolder WarehouseSnow Guard WarehouseThe Humanure Store

Galina Benek (below, standing) and Dawn Myers manage our fulfillment, shipping and receiving.

Galina Benek and Dawn Myers in our office at Joseph Jenkins, Inc.

Joe Jenkins (below) is President of the company, roof consultant, author, publisher, expert witness, etc.

Joe Jenkins


How to Find Us

We're located in western Pennsylvania about 29 miles east of the Ohio border (about 10 miles east of the intersection of I-80 and I-79), three minutes off Interstate 80 at exit 29 (Barkeyville, Route 8). Take Route 8 north at exit 29 about 1/2 mile to the first left turn (Gilmore Road), turn left onto Gilmore and go about one mile to the first left turn (Old Beech Road). Turn left onto Old Beech and then go about 1/4 mile to the 3rd driveway on the right (Forest Lane). Turn right onto Forest Lane and you'll find us at the top of the hill.

Joseph Jenkins Inc. how to find us

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Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition, May 2016, 374 pages, nearly 900 illustrations:


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Slate Rippers

slate ripper

Slate Cutters

slate cutter

Slate Hammers

slate hammer

Ladder Hooks

ladder hook chicken ladder

Snow Guards

snow guards

Solder Bars

fifty fifty solder

Solder Irons

Sievert soldering iron

Slaters Caulk

Geocel 3500 slaters caulk

Copper Flashing

copper flashing rolls

Copper Finials

copper roof finials

Fall Protection

fall protection for roofers

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