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Slate Roof Data Stick - Over six gigabytes of information related to slate roofing are on this 8 Gb USB data stick.


This 8 Gb USB data stick contains the entire Humanure Handbook, 3rd Edition in PDF format, plus 50 videos related to humanure composting, plus six research papers by Joseph Jenkins regarding compost sanitation, etc., etc.




Roof brackets create roof scaffolds that allow workers to safely work on slate, tile, asbestos, or any steep roof.


Finials are an architectural device employed to decoratively emphasize the apex of a gable. They add a touch of elegance to any roof.


COPPER RIDGE METAL FOR ROOFS sold at the Slate Roof Warehouse


ROOFING SLATE CUTTERS for cutting, punching and trimming roofing slates



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Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition, June 2016, 374 pages, hardcover, nearly 800 illustrations:

Slate Roof Bible, 3rd Edition, May 2016, 374 pages, hardcover, nearly 800 illustrations.

The Balance Point, by Joseph Jenkins, published May 1, 2018, 341 pages

The Balance Point book by Joseph Jenkins

Slate Rippers

slate rippers

Slate Cuttersroofing slate cutters

Slate Hammers

roofing slate hammers

Ladder HooksLadder hook at the Slate Roof Warehouse

Snow Guardssnow guards for roofs

Solder Bars

Fifty Fifty Tin Lead Solder sold at the Solder Warehouse

Solder IronsSoldering irons for roofing sold at the Solder Warehouse

Slaters CaulkSlaters, Roofers and onstruction Caulks and Sealants

Copper FlashingCopper flashings sold at the Slate Roof Warehouse.

Copper FinialsCopper finials sold at the Finial Warehouse.

Fall Protection

Fall protection for roofers, sold at the Slate Roof Warehouse.

Chimney Pots

Chimney Pots for Roofs

Copper and Stainless Fasteners

Copper and Stainless Fasteners


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